Best Geiger Counters Review

10. Professional Geiger counter of SOEKS Quantum 2 military grade radiation detector
International Medcom Radalert 100X Radiation Detection Instrument Geiger Counter
Quantum is a highly reliable personal dose dosimeter for accurate dose and background dose to measure dose rate. The measurement range is 0.03 Ð 1,000 uSv / h or 3 Ð 100,000 uR / h in just 10 seconds (best among products of the same class). This pocket Geiger counter continuously monitors the radiation environment for up to 999 days and can work continuously for up to 700 hours, alerting the user when the preset dose and dose rate limits are exceeded. Quantum is designed for a wide range of radiation safety applications and can be used successfully by staff responsible for addressing radiation control service personnel, first responders, security and customs personnel, as well as local and beta and x-ray gamma problems. Detection of radiation sources or individual objects contaminated by sources of gamma and / or beta radiation. Historical dosimetry, radiometric analysis and spectral data and accumulated doses can be transferred on a common basis and integrated reports can be generated for revisions to SOEKS devices. Manager software. The features of the device, the identification of fast and stable ionizing radiation from radioactive sources, and the measurement of accumulated doses make it possible for multifunctional complexes by SOEKS to solve a wide range of problems of radiation control and ensure the safety of radiation. Tested and calibrated by Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation and no further calibration is required. The dosimeter of the radiation detector is intended for use by anyone interested in radiation safety issues. The range of users varies from person to person according to radiation safety and physical health professionals.

9. Professional Geiger counter monitor for nuclear radiation detection with GCA-07W digital meter

The Geiger GCA-07W counter has an external bar with an LND 712 GM tube. The outer bar facilitates radiation detection on the material and on the surface. The application of this Geiger counter is for classroom demonstration and nuclear experiment. Emergency service and nuclear accident and preparation of other countries.

8. International Medcom Radalert 100X Radiation Detection Instruments Geiger Counters,

The Radalert 100X is a universal Geiger counter that measures alpha, beta, gamma, and X radiation. The Radalert 100X features a 3-second update and a utility menu that allows you to change the default settings for various operating parameters. Your Digital Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) has an SI unit from 0 to 100 (microsievers per hour) and a CPS from 0 to 350,000 (CPM) or from 0 to 3,500 CPS. For normal unit users, mR / hr (millijen per hour) / CPM is optional in the Utilities menu. The instrument also provides up to 9,999,000 accounts and 40 hours of cumulative total and timer functionality. Please contact us for details before use. You'll really like it.

7. GQ GMC-320-Plus Counter Gager Nuclear Radiation Detection Beta-beam gamma-ray X-ray inspection

GQ GMC-320, which records radiation data using a newly designed digital geiger counter and data recorder, can automatically record data and play it later. This will make it easier to support robust radiation networks by opening communication protocols. A technical support forum is included on the GQ Electronics website. GQ GMC-320-Plus The Digital Geiger counter is the latest model developed by GQ Electronics LLC of the United States. UU An improved version of the GMC-300E Plus, which facilitates data processing capacity using larger internal flash memory. There are also temperature sensors and electronic gyroscopes, LCD contrast controls, front LED indicators, analog data port outputs, and new types of graphs. It can be used in industrial, commercial or test equipment such as universities, laboratories, environmental assessment measurements, hospital research, scientific analysis applications, antique assessments, building material testing studies and more.
Best Geiger Counters Review